MUSIC MOVES THERAPY                              

310 Marion Ave. Mansfield, Ohio 44903

Dorothy S. Denton, BM., MT-BC

Phone: 419-610 -4614

E-mail: DSD551@aol.com 


Mrs. Dorothy Denton works with families who have children with special needs: PDD, autism, developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, speech/language disorders, sensory integration deficits, attention difficulties, hearing impairments, etc.  Music Moves Therapy uses music both in individual and group settings to promote growth in the following areas:

·         Music TherapyGross and Fine Motor Skills

·         Socialization & Communication

·         Sensory Integration

·         Stress Management

·         Wellness and quality of life

·         Attention, Focusing Skills

·         Emotional Expression/Creativity

·         Language Development

·         Self-Awareness/Self-Esteem

Inclusion opportunities are available at Music Moves Studio through the Early Childhood Music classes. Call Mrs. Denton to discuss placement:  419-610-4614

Music Therapy is an established allied health care profession that uses evidence based musical interventions to address physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning. It is employed through the relationship with a board- certified music therapist who helps by using the appeal of music in creative, flexible ways to promote growth. Music Therapy positively affects the lives of thousands of children and adults each year. From a child with autism to an elderly person in a bell choir, Music Therapy can make the difference between isolation and interaction.

 Music TherapyMusic Therapy Interventions can be designed to:

·         promote wellness

·         manage stress

·         alleviate pain

·         express feelings

·         enhance memory

·         improve communication

·        promote physical rehabilitation.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on MUSIC THERAPY visit:      www.musictherapy.org