Fall 2012 Schedule


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Music & Movement Education:  Group Classes for Children

***      A 14 week session:   January 7 -  April 15, 2013     ***

 All Children must have the opportunity to participate in active music making that includes SINGING (a life skill), MOVEMENT (with purpose), and attentive LISTENING.  Music experienced with family, and other relationships, encourages imaginative and creative communication and has a lifelong impact on a child’s development.

Music for Babies: 3 months to 16 months w/caregiver 

  • Engaging musical games to support joyful interaction with parents

  • Bounce, rock, clap, tickle, & peek!

  • A rich musical environment to support your child's growth

  • Bonding through music play


Family Music, mixed ages: 3 months to 4 years w/caregiver 

  • We sing, chant, dance, listen and play simple instruments!

  • Assists memory attention span and confidence w/repetition

  • Helps stimulates listening and language

  • Offers productive family time through music play




Seasons: 3½to 5 years (Parents join for last 15 minutes)

  • Enhances moving, singing and talking skills;

  • Develops musical and verbal vocabulary

  • Taps into the child’s imaginative abilities

  • Develops listening, focused attention, self-expression

  • Creative movement & instrument exploration

  • Encourages love of the natural world w/nature, seasonal themes



Music Moves Studio reserves the right to adjust program or material fees at any time.

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 Kids in class

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