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Early Childhood Music & Movement

Music Therapy

I am sure you have noticed how strongly your young child responds to music- or maybe you are wondering if music is the key to unlocking your child’s potential….


Music Moves is dedicated to providing you a wonderful opportunity to surround your child with a rich, integrated musical environment, whether you are participating in a group music classes or in an individualized session with the music therapist.


It should establish a climate for learning and give you something meaningful to share and cherish.  Your child's motor coordination, interactive social skills, and listening ability will develop through Singing, Creative Movement, Instrument Play, Musical Games, Listening, and Story Telling. There is an exciting mix of folk and traditional classical songs, games, rhymes, and dances. 


This is a special, never-to-be repeated, time for you and them. 



-Dorothy Denton,




310 Marion Ave.

Mansfield, Ohio  44903



Contact us: musicmoves4u@gmail.com